Who we are:

We specialize in custom plastic fabrication, acrylic award creation and design, as well as POP displays and more. Acrylic Restoration Svs. was started to assist award stores and engravers with expensive engraving mistakes and errors.

What we do:

We erase from acrylic award surfaces, the engraving mistakes caused by accident or errors. We can work with any flat product in thickness ranging from 3/8" to 4" even if it has been glued to a base.

Our process starts with machining the entire surface of the acrylic award to remove all traces of engraving. This process allows us to remove only the engraved surface and is adjusted for every award leaving the maximum thickness of each award intact.

Each piece is than sent through a 5 step wet sanding/polishing system that when finished leaves the award surface as good as new.

How we can help you:

Our purpose is to help award dealers and engravers reduce the cost of mistakes and errors. With the rising cost of oil, Acrylic as a product can only increase in price. We can help turn your mistakes back into money and trash back into cash.
Pricing Information:

We can resurface each award for one low cost which includes the fact that some of your pieces will have engraving and/or scratches on multiple sides (because of storage or engraving practice) which requires extra attention and detail. We have averaged that fact into the pricing below.

Because shipping is also a factor, all orders of 15 pieces or more will be returned FREE with
FEDEX GROUND SHIPPING. You get your product to us, we do our job and pay to get them back into your inventory.

Please feel free to call and discuss our pricing

Resurface Small 3/4 Acrylic Awards (5" x 5" surface area or less) ---------$5.00 each

Resurface Medium 3/4 Acrylic Awards ( >7" ht x .75" surface area)--------$7.00 each

Resurface Large or Thick Acrylic ( <7" height and/or 1 .25" thick)-----------$9.00 each

Large Surface Area  on  thick acrylic will be available by request

Base Resurfacing-----------$1.50 each